Mini Vacation in Naples Florida

Bird Rookery Swamp

In July 2011,  the Bird Rookery Swamp Trail officially opened to the public. The Bird Rookery Swamp Trail offers 12 miles of hiking and biking trails, including a 1500-ft. boardwalk with wheelchair accessibility. But you may want to stay quick on your feet.

A 1/4-mile crushed shell path leads to a 1500-ft. boardwalk, then the trails become ground level, sandy/grassy. 

Fun fact…The trails are actually old tram roads used when the area was logged many years ago. The maple-cypress swamp is home to alligators, otters, Florida panthers, bobcats, white-tailed deer and more. Check out all the detail on the website, Crew Land Water Trust.

There is one portable toilet at the beginning of the boardwalk and several benches along the trail within the first 1.5 miles. Beyond that there are no structures.

Night Lights in the Garden

We caught the 10th anniversary of Night Lights in the Garden. It was amazing to see all these lights at night with lush foliage jumping out in vivid colors like we did. Here are some of the pictures taken with my trusty Nikon 1400 D. The ones without the time-stamp were taken by my wife, Victoria using her Android 8.

A night blooming lily

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